Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Matthew turns 5!

Last year, we celebrated Matthew's 4th birthday with just us at home.  Then, we went to McDonald's a couple days later with his friends where we had a cake and opened a couple presents.  Well, he was convinced that he turned 5 at this second party.  No matter how I explained it to him, he believed that he was 5 and was devastated when I kept telling him that he was still only 4.  This year, we celebrated his birthday with his friends 2 days before his birthday.  I knew this would probably cause all kinds of confusion.  We had an extended conversation about it, and I thought he understood.

With his friends - J.J., Cody, Christopher, Cam and Liz

On his actual birthday, Rachel had a basketball game in the afternoon.  We met the Lauderdales on the way home at Red Robin for his birthday dinner.  He wanted to go somewhere to where he could get ice cream and they would sing to him.  When the time came, though, he was kind of embarrassed.   But, he sure liked the ice cream.  

He had not finished his ice cream and I was going to take a bite.  But, Dave said that I couldn't or I would then be 37.  Matthew, even though I thought he understood the whole birthday thing, bought it completely.  He didn't let me have any and a couple days later said something about me still being 36 because, "remember, you didn't eat any of my ice cream."  He's so funny!

Miss Lauren with the birthday boy

Love this picture of Sean.  His hair is so long that he can't see unless he tilts his head backwards.  In Tara's defense, they've been sick over a month now with many different ailments.
Mr. B and Rachel hamming it up for the camera

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bathroom Progress

Progress is happening!  The tile company built the frame around the tub.  Although, I think they may have not done it properly, so it may need to be fixed.  

Electrician was here.  He ran wires for the Jacuzzi tub, installed recessed lights, added a plug, and changed the vanity light from one to two lights.  But, he left a lot of holes in our house - mostly closets, but still....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hair Update

Rachel has been wanting to cut her hair, so we did it today.  Looks cute.  The front is a little longer than we may have wanted, but it gives her length to tuck it behind her ear.

A model is born

I had promised Rachel that I would take her to get her portraits done. But, since I got my new camera for Christmas and I saw Alice and Madeleine's photo shoot, I decided to try one ourselves.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, so we took full advantage.  We had a good time.  I think Rachel really enjoyed it.  She wore a skirt with her first outfit, so she was limited in the posing.  I really preferred that shirt, but, unfortunately, the shoot went better with the second outfit - partly because she got more comfortable and partly because the light was better.  

Our neighbors have a beautiful birch tree that we used.  I really liked it as a backdrop.  This was my favorite headshot picture of the bunch, but I really liked some of the kookier poses that we were trying.  

At the end, I had her just model a little.  I told her to express different emotions and then to just have fun with it.  I loved both of the these pictures because she was pursing her lips (which I wish weren't so chapped) and looking off to the side.  I hope I haven't created a monster!

Stay posted:  new style coming tomorrow!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Zack's battle

Zack finally lost his first tooth, but it did not want to come out.  It has been loose since before Thanksgiving, and we were all working on it for a few days.  In this first picture, you can see the new tooth just growing in behind it.  

I was wiggling it like crazy, but I could not get it all the way out.  I could just get it to stick straight out like in the picture below.  The tooth fairy always brings the kids a new movie for their first tooth, so all of the kids were working together to get it out, so they could have a movie night.  In the end, though, Mommy was the winner!

The new smile!

Friday, February 11, 2011

While talking to the drywall guy, I turned around to find Matthew standing in the hole left by the drain pipe for the tub.  He was just standing on the drywall of the ceiling of the family room.  I quickly got him out of there and thanked God that he is only 45ish pounds and didn't jump down into the hole.  

And, while I will often run to grab the camera to remember a funny situation, I didn't risk it.  But, I put together a VERY rough image of what it looked like just so I can remember it.  Scary!  So, needless to say, he's been banned from the bathroom.  

In a side note, notice the new 3/4" pipes sticking up out of the floor.  The plumber was here to upgrade the pipes to accommodate all the water we're hoping to use in our new shower.  Now, if only we have enough hot water in the hot water heater!