Friday, February 26, 2010

My "baby" turns 4

The birthdays of my children are a big reminder of how fast time flies by. Rachel turns 10 this year, and my little baby just turned 4. But, he is quick to let me know anytime I slip and actually call him my baby. "I am not your baby. I am a BIG BOY!" Matthew has the strongest will of any of my kids. He knows what we wants, and he will fight hard to get it. I love him for this, even when it drives me crazy (which is every day).

He is definitely a leader. He is always coming up with ideas and trying to get other people to do them with him. Scary thought as he gets older and those ideas get a little more dangerous! And, he talks to everyone. He chats up the people at the grocery store, always meets a new friend at the park, has long conversations on the phone anytime he beats me to answer it. He loves to talk and will do it any chance he gets.

I love Matthew's sense of humor. He laughs at everything and loves to make people laugh. He will make funny faces or funny noises just to get a good reaction. He cracks me up all the time.

I love you, little buddy. Happy 4th!

Matthew with his buddies Cam, Christopher, Lizzie and J.J.

We took the kids and Grammy to the Melting Pot on Matthew's birthday (rescheduled from my birthday). In trying to make the kids cautious, Grammy scared Matthew enough that he was terrified of the chocolate, but just the chocolate. He even told the waiter that he didn't want any chocolate. It just took a few seconds before he realized what he was missing, and he dug right in.