Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally....a working bathroom

This project really began 10 years ago when we moved in because there was a water stain on the linoleum.  We were worried about water damage and knew that once we started trying to fix the floor, we would end up wanting to redo everything.  So, it sat and sat on my to-do list until Matthew flushed a toothbrush down our toilet.  That made my mind up - time to tackle the bathroom.  I'm glad we waited because my tastes and our wallets have improved over time, so the bathroom is much better than it would have been, even just a few years ago.  

It has been a difficult project to manage, but we are so glad that we made the choice to just hire out a lot of the work.  The amount of time that we had men here working would have equaled months and months for us.  We made it, and I am extremely happy.  There are a couple small pieces left - the frameless shower door goes in on Monday, the drawer handles will get installed tonight, the access panel for the tub needs to be caulked in place, and I need to touch up the paint.  But, I've been getting bugged for updates, so here you go.







Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leprechauns Beware!

The first graders at our school always set up traps in hopes of catching that pesky leprechaun.  Alas, every year, he manages to destroy the classroom while avoiding all the traps.  After two failed attempts, Dave has been working on ideas for a couple years.  He decided that Zack's trap should include a laser trip system.  So, after many hours and more than the average $$, we (at the very last hour) were able to make a working leprechaun trap.  Unfortunately, Zack came home empty-handed.  That little leprechaun better watch out for when Matthew gets to 1st grade.  

Here, Dave demonstrates the trap.  This video was taken at midnight on the night before it was due.  We wanted to prove that it did in fact work in case something happened by morning.  And, for the record, the top will be covered with plexi-glass.  We left it off for the video because of the glare.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bathroom Update

It seems like I've had workers in our house every day for the past 2 weeks.  You'd think the bathroom would be done, but no, we're still a long way.  But, a lot has been done and we are excited to see it all come together.  I'm thinking we're 2 weeks out.  The shower tile was backordered until next Monday, but we got the floor in - and I love it!  Now, Dave and I need to get the vanity installed, so we can get the granite in, lights and mirrors up and finish that side of the bathroom.  I'm so excited about it seeing it all come together.

Here's the new bath installed.  That has been the only disappointment, so far.  The inside of the tub is much smaller than the outside dimensions because of the pump for the jets.  We can't actually spread our legs out completely in it.  It is deep and wide, but we wish it were a few inches longer.  Oh well.

Here is the plumbing for the new shower configuration.  The will be a rainhead, a handheld shower arm, and two body jets.  The shower is much larger than it was originally with a nice, new seat.  We are loving the way that it is turning out.

Finally, some decorative pieces.  The painter painted it a nice brown color between the dark floor tiles and the lighter wall tiles.  Then, they put in the tile on the floor.  Grouting tomorrow.  Watch for an update next weekend as we hopefully get the right side of the bathroom together!