Friday, July 10, 2009

Family of Runners

It has become quite a Kreitzer family tradition to run the Liberty 5K in Winchester on the 4th of July. They have a very hilly 5K and a couple of kid runs for the kids as young as 2. I have run it before, but I am usually the babysitter, so I opted out this year. I'm wishing I had run because everyone else in our family ran and had quite a showing.

The Big Kids

Dave, Alice, Chris and Madeleine went out for the 5K. Dave wasn't sure what to expect, but he did quite well and was happy with the end result. Madeleine impressed me by continuing on until the end despite throwing up a couple times along the route. That takes dedication!

The Medium-sized Kids

Next, we had the mile for kids 6-12. Alex, Rachel and Mia ran this one. Rachel and Mia started off with matching hairdos and holding hands. They were quite cute. They stuck together through the end and finished strong. We were proud of our girls that pushed themselves and fought to finish the race strong as a team.

Alex put on quite a show. Dave told him to take it easy at the beginning and pick it up as he felt good. We were watching the kids come in without any real idea of who would come in first and when. Then, we saw Alex pushing hard around the turn. He saw us and kicked it in a little. I couldn't believe it. He finished with a time of 8:01. He was the 10th person coming in - the 3rd 6-8 year old boy, but the 2nd place boy finished just 1 second ahead of him. I think if he had known that that boy was the difference between a prize and no prize, he would have kicked it in a little.

A week later we were discussing how impressed we were that he ran that fast, and I was contemplating how hard it would be. So, I decided to go out and see if I could run an 8-minute mile. I took Dave's watch with me so I could judge how fast I was going. With the watch and my determination to beat my 7-year old, I was able to make it in 7:48, but I was sucking wind so hard and almost threw up a few times on the walk back home. Needless to say, I was even more impressed that he could just go out and do this without any training. Maybe he and I should pick a race to train for and run together. I better enjoy it now because it won't be long before he is leaving me in his dust - just like his daddy.

Now for the little kids

The little kid race for kids 2-5 is fun. It's only a 100 meters, so even the little ones can make it.

Here they are lined up at the start. I'm pretty sure that big kid won, and I also doubt that he was only 5. Grace and Zack pulled out to the pack at the front. They pushed hard to the front and little Gracie was the first girl to cross.

Matthew wasn't far behind them. And, even little Sophie, who did not want her number on and was refusing to run, got caught up in the moment and pursued the bunch.

Despite the early morning start, it was a fun morning and I was so proud of all the Kreitzers and Doyles. I look forward to next year - maybe we'll all run!