Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kreitzer Boot Camp - part 2

Dave's decided that 2 days of Ab Ripper X is not enough, so he's instituted Ab Ripper 110 (the 11 exercises 10 times each) nightly. He's now got the kids all doing it as well - at least they "try".
We're going to be one fit family : )

Mason Twists

Heels to the Sky

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kreitzer Boot Camp

Dave and I are doing an intense workout series (P90X) that involves a lot of push-ups. Last night at dinner, Alex proposed that if he could do 100 push-ups, then he could have dessert. Dave said, "Sure. You can have dessert if you can do 100 push-ups, but I'm going to have to watch and count." Well, after dinner, he set out to do those push-ups. Dave and I were doubtful he would make it too far. Heck, I can't do very many myself. Well, Dave still didn't cut him very much slack, but Alex kept going. He was working so hard, but he made it! I couldn't believe it. He was just so determined. He was so cute because at 89, he fell to the ground, but he got right back up giving himself a little pep talk, "I'm almost there. I'm almost there." I was so proud of my little man. I gave him his choice for dessert, and I even made him an ice cream mixture a la Cold Stone. Of course, Rachel got dessert, too, because she had eaten her dinner!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mr. Matthew's set in his ways

I really wanted to capture part this part of Matthew's personality. That boy has to do things the same way he did them the last time. And that applies to everything. Here we are playing HyperDash, and he is setting up the targets in the exact same place where he set them the first time. I guess this makes it very easy to remember, but it just seems a little too strict for me.

He also has to sing Old MacDonald the same way every time, including stopping to ask "he had a what?" just as his teacher does and remembering to say "Ummm, a cow". He definitely knows what he wants and sticks to it. It can be a challenge but I hope that these will be great traits later in life.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bleeding orange and blue

Yesterday, our family went to the UVA vs. Wake Forest women's basketball game. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. We are definitely raising some big UVA fans. We've been to many football games, but this was the kids' first basketball game. It was a super exciting game that really got the kids into it. We got to sit down low and really experience the game.

Matthew was obsessed with CavMan (the mascot). He watched him move around the arena constantly pointing him out and waving to him. Whenever the band would play, he would shout (and I mean shout), "Go Hoos Go". It was so cute. I wish I had had my video camera.

Rachel was even into the game. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Alex couldn't take his eyes off the game. He was completely mesmerized. Every time the whistle blew, he would have to figure out what happen. When UVA was coming back in the 2nd half, he was cheering. He even kept cheering in the last minute of the game when UVA was up by 15 and Wake had no chance left. He just loved it.

Zack was fascinated as well. He sat at the other end of the row from me, so I didn't talk to him much during the game. But, one time I turned toward him and he was super excited. He was saying, "2 more points to free chicken". If UVA scored 70 points, we got a buy one, get one free chicken at a local chicken place. Apparently, he had been focused on this during the game and was so excited about it. Given that all his food is free, I found this very funny! But, this is definitely in keeping with his personality as you'll see in the Christmas DVD (arriving soon!).

Monday, January 5, 2009

My little girl or is it wild child?

People always comment to me about my family. They assume that Rachel must be a big help with the little boys (she's not as much as you would expect) and they comment on how crazy boys are and how hard it would be with 3 of them that close together. Most say that, "At least you got your little girl."

Now, Rachel has many of the wonderful traits of a girl. She loves to shop, wear pink frilly clothes, sit quietly and draw for hours, but she if by far the most daring and full of hare-brained ideas child that I have. She, not the boys, was my wildest toddler and still today remains the one that is most likely to break her bones pushing the limits.

Here she climbed up Grandma and Paka's tree until Paka noticed her and told her she was getting up too high. She did something that she rarely does - she got scared. Of course, Dave and I are totally immune to her antics. Dave sent Paka in to get me to take pictures, and I debated turning on the video feature to capture her falling if it happened.

With Dave's help, she was able to make it safely down. But, no surprise, the next day she was right back up in the tree trying again. She really never learns! Oh well. Hopefully, one day that determination will serve her well in her life. I can keep hoping.