Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My "baby" turns 6!

I really don't know how it is possible that Matthew could be 6.  Has it really been six years since I've had a little baby in this house?  Weird to me, but it is true!  He is such a cutie.  He has a very strong personality, but we love him bunches.  

It was a busy birthday weekend.  We had a couple basketball games, and then we had our good friends, Abby and Matt, here for a night.  Matthew loves Matt.  He feels this strong connection to him because they share the same name.  Despite the fact that we all call him Matt, Matthew calls him Matthew.  And, he barely leaves his side.  It's super cute.

I had Dave get a bunch (17 to be exact) of balloons at the Dollar store.  So, we placed them around the house for him.  He thought that was pretty fun.

We met the Lauderdales at Red Robin (a very favorite of our family) and they all came back to our house to make cupcake monsters.  They were super cute!


Alice Doyle said...

Super cute idea with the monster cupcakes. Are you up for a re-do over the summer? I'd love to see what the girls would come up with.
I can't believe how big my buddy is! He looks so grown up in the photos. Tell him I can't wait to squeeze him!
Love, Alice

Alice Doyle said...

Oh--and I love him :)